Real Estate Law

When faced with a real estate matter, having a qualified attorney by your side to help you can be the difference between having a sound transaction and an unsuccessful one.

When you have a Minneapolis real estate lawyer overseeing a transaction or other matter, all possible legal issues can be brought to the surface. By being aware of legal implications, you will find that they are easier to avoid, making for the smoother implementation of all real estate transaction and other real estate matters.

Helping You Achieve Effective Real Estate Solutions

At Kelly & Lemmons, P.A., we handle a wide range of real estate matters for our clients. We have advised commercial developers, municipal entities, and Fortune 500 companies in land development; zoning, rezoning, land use, and permits; municipal entitlement work; condemnation and eminent domain; commercial and industrial development; single-family homes; multi-family housing development; senior housing co-ops; and condo conversions.

We also help landlords and tenants with disputes they may be having with each other. We have helped landlords and property managers with court orders or we have given them the opportunity for alternative dispute resolution. Some of the actions that we have helped landlords and tenants with are actions for eviction, lease agreement cancellation, and unlawful eviction.

A Minnesota Real Estate Lawyer Protecting Your Property Rights

Property owners and those wishing to purchase property have rights that need to be protected. Homeowners, business property owners, landlords, and tenants all have certain sets of rights that are laid out by the law. If the law is violated, that means that the rights of the affected individuals may be affected as well. By having a Minnesota real estate attorney working with you and applying real estate law to your case, an effective resolution can be reached.

The following are some of the property rights cases that we handle:

  • Quiet title disputes – Disputes regarding ownership of a title. Filing such a dispute will determine if there are any liens, tax liabilities, defects, or boundary disputes regarding that piece of property.
  • Boundary disputes – Disputes regarding easements, property lines, or land use.
  • Mechanics’ liens – When a property owner refuses to pay a contractor for work that they have completed. The contractor can place a mechanic’s lien on the property so they can collect the money that is owed to them.
  • Eminent domain – The taking of property by the government.
  • Foreclosures – When the bank repossesses a property due to non-payment of the mortgage.

If your property is threatened in any way, it is imperative to know your rights and your options so you can dispute the matter or find a better solution to the problem.

Contact A Minneapolis Real Estate Attorney

Real estate matters can be complicated, which is why it is important to work with a qualified real estate attorney any time you are faced with a real estate issue. Even if there is no conflict involved, your attorney can help you avoid one by ensuring every step is legally sound. To learn more, call Kelly & Lemmons, P.A. at 651-224-3781.