Liens/Mechanic’s Liens

If you are a contractor who has provided labor or services to a property owner on a construction project and you have not been paid for the work that you completed, you can file a lien to protect your interests. This lien is known as a mechanic’s lien and, once the lien is filed and served and you still have not been paid, you have the right to foreclose on that lien.

Nonetheless, the filing requirements on these liens are rather technical and very specific. If you do not follow the process properly, you may lose your right to foreclose and acquire payment. In order to get around this, you need an experienced Minnesota real estate lawyer to help you.

At Kelly & Lemmons, P.A., we have helped contractors in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and western Wisconsin file the liens that need to be filed so they are able to obtain the money that they are owed. We also represent engineers, subcontractors, surveyors, architects, and others who have worked on various construction projects and not been paid. We have also assisted them through our proactive and cost-effective approach in other construction and development matters.

Helping You Obtain What You Are Owed

We handle every step of filing a mechanic’s lien and other lien issues that are related to commercial or residential property. When you choose us to handle the matter, we do the following for you:

  • Gather and assess all of the relevant evidence that you completed the job and was not paid
  • Prepare and file all of the required documentation
  • Act as your representative at all hearings and/or proceedings

When facing the foreclosure proceedings, we also stand by you as your advocate. We work with you to make sure the lien has priority over the mortgage that is on the property.

A Powerful Advocate In Minneapolis & St. Paul Real Estate Matters

Your Minneapolis real estate lawyer knows from experience that the homeowner’s title insurance company is going to aggressively defend the property against the claim. However, our office has successfully taken on these big insurance companies in the past. This is due to having the knowledge, skill, experience, and the resources to ensure the protection of the rights of every client. Whether it is a mechanic’s lien or another construction or development-related issue, you know that you have an aggressive advocate standing right next to you so you can get what is rightfully yours.

Contact A Minnesota Real Estate Attorney

If you are a contractor who has provided labor or services to a homeowner and you have not been paid, you can file a lien to ensure your interests are protected. Once filed and served, continuing to not pay you within one year means that you can foreclose on the lien. You will want to ensure you have the assistance of your attorney during this process so that you follow proper procedure to ensure you do not lose the right to foreclose. To learn more, call Kelly & lemons, P.A. at 651-224-3781.