Municipal Law

As a counsel to cities and townships, Kelly & Lemmons, P.A. brings significant experience to any municipal matter. We have represented municipalities throughout the Minneapolis, St. Paul, and western Wisconsin. Through our knowledge and resources, we are able to identify potential legal issues facing a client. We use that information to inform staff and elected officials on what legal options are available to them. We are proactive and provide our clients with cost-effective and comprehensive representation. When a dispute arises, we make every attempt to negotiate a resolution. However, we are prepared and able to stand with our clients if the matter reaches litigation.

Experience-Based Advice 

While every case is different, our experience has given us the tools needed to provide the advice that you need to make an informed decision. We frequently perform the following: :

  • Advise city councils and town boards on their rights and responsibilities when dealing with the public, contractors, and municipal employees;
  • Counsel city administrators/managers and town clerks in regard to the dispatch of duties and possible legal consequences of specific actions;
  • Assist with municipal financing, as well as special assessments;
  • Prepare and review municipal ordinances, contracts, and agreements;
  • Advise in land use, zooming, planning, and development projects, as well as address zoning and land use disputes with private citizens or commercial entities.

Your Minneapolis municipal law lawyer will review all options so that educated decisions can be made, which can help avoid disputes. When a dispute comes about, we are there every step of the way until a resolution is reached.

Contact A Minnesota Municipal Law Attorney

As a counsel of cities, we help municipalities with their legal matters. It is through our knowledge, skill, resources, and experience that we are able to identify all of the potential legal issues and advise elected officials or city councils on the legal options that are available to them to address their concerns. We take a proactive approach, looking for the most cost-effective solution for you. To learn more, call our office at 651-224-3781.