Business Law

Every business needs effective legal counsel behind it so it can make informed decisions that can keep it from facing costly litigation. When issues can be resolved before they become issues, then the odds of having to go to court reduce significantly and many times matters can be resolved through mediation or arbitration.

At Kelly & Lemmons, P.A., you will work with an attorney who is focused on the matter that you are facing within your business. We represent banks, businesses, investors, property owners, and many others on matters related to loan documentation, loan structuring, business formations, foreclosures, sales and purchases, compliance, contracts, and other issues and actions.

Experience In Many Industries Throughout Minnesota & Western Wisconsin

We have represented clients in dozens of industries throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and western Wisconsin. Of those, we have assisted banks and individuals in the creation or review of loan documents, such as the collateral documents, the actual loan agreements, guaranties, mortgages, construction loan agreements, and we have helped in the collection process. Most of all, we ensure that rights are enforced, including those that must be asserted during real estate foreclosures.

We are also very active in the real estate industry. Our attorneys have advised on zoning and land use issues, construction contracts, land acquisition, and various other issues relating to residential and commercial development.

Businesses that have employees on their payroll also tend to utilize one of our Minnesota business law lawyers to help them with important decisions regarding termination, separation agreements, employment agreements, and protection against employment-related legal claims.

We also specialize in the following:

  • Regulatory compliance – Ensuring compliance with local, county, state and federal regulations, statutes, and ordinances relating to labor relations, environmental issues, and licensing.
  • Litigation and disputes – We believe in using alternative dispute resolution to reach a solution. If that doesn’t work, we will stand by our clients throughout the litigation process and provide aggressive representation
  • Business formation- When starting a business, it is imperative to have legal advice to ensure every step is completed properly.

Constructive & Honest Advice

You can expect the Minneapolis business law attorney that you work with in our office to be one who will offer you constructive and honest advice. The goal is to keep you from facing litigation so that you can preserve the bottom line of your business. Even when litigation cannot be avoided, you can rest assured that you have dedicated representation by your side, telling you what is happening every step of the way so that you are never left in the dark.

Contact A Minnesota Business Law Attorney

Businesses face legal decisions every single day and the wrong move could be a very costly one. The cost lies in the fact that the matter can move toward litigation and this can take a lot of time, effort, and money. With an experienced attorney by your side, it is possible to find alternative methods in resolving an issue. If it does go to litigation, then you know you will have a powerful advocate next to you. The key, however, is to have an attorney on-hand any time you are about to embark on a transaction or other business decision that could have legal implications. To learn more about how Kelly & Lemmons, P.A. can be there for you, call the office at 651-224-3781.