Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes are rather common, as they tend to occur between neighboring property owners. Perhaps a fence is encroaching on your property or the neighbor had a sidewalk put down and the edge of it is in your yard. Another common case is when someone regularly uses property that is not theirs without the permission of the property owner.

If you are having difficulty getting the other party to work with you in order to find a resolution to the problem, you may need the help of an experienced Minnesota real estate attorney who has found effective solutions in situations very similar to yours for clients throughout the Minneapolis, St. Paul, and western Wisconsin areas.

At Kelly & Lemmons, P.A., we give our clients counsel that is cost-effective and honest. Since 1975, we have been representing clients in court and we have also helped them resolve matters out of court. Overseeing our real estate group, Chad Lemmons is a certified real estate law specialist with over two decades of experience. You will find that an aggressive and proactive approach will be taken so that a solution can be met in your case.

Protecting Your Rights And Interests Through Effective Mediation

No matter the state of the boundary dispute, we will work with you. Your attorney will work as your liaison and, when possible, mediation or negotiation will be used to negotiate a settlement that is mutually agreeable. This ensures that your rights are still protected. If your neighbor will not cooperate, then we will work to resolve the matter through litigation.

Once a workable solution is obtained, we will ensure all necessary title documents reflect that a resolution was had. We will make sure all of the paperwork is accurately prepared to ensure your current and future interests are protected. If we find that there are any disagreements or title defects, we will carefully work to make sure those disagreements or defects are solved and ensure that they are correct from that point on.

Minneapolis Real Estate Lawyer Resolving All Types Of Boundary Disputes

We are also able to help clients with related real estate disputes, such as disagreements over egress, ingress, and easement disputes. Sometimes when a boundary dispute exists, it is possible for there to be another issue at play as well. It is imperative that all matters are resolved as soon as possible so that both parties can move past the matter.

Contact A Minnesota Real Estate Lawyer

Boundary disputes can encompass a number of issues, such as an encroaching fence or two people claiming ownership of the same piece of property. While these issues can seem difficult to resolve, there are ways that they can be. At Kelly & Lemmons, P.A., we will review your options with you so that you can make the right decisions in the real estate matter that you are facing. To find out more, call our office at 651-334-3781.