Welcome To Kelly & Lemmons, P.A.

A Minnesota Full Service Law Firm

We are an AV-Rated, full service law firm with a diverse practice area, ranging from real estate/property, municipal/land use, eminent domain, estate planning, employment and labor, corporate law, administrative law, to mediation/alternative dispute resolution. Our attorneys have encountered and addressed a broad range of legal issues, including boundary disputes, assessment appeals, eminent domain, drafting wills and trusts, seeking unpaid wages and redress for employment discrimination, and being hired as mediators in complex litigation. At Kelly & Lemmons, we provide assertive, cost-effective, and professional representation no matter the case or the client. Our legal knowledge coupled with practical instincts has resulted in many positive outcomes for our clients. We do so professionally, ethically, and with the utmost integrity. Our broad practice and depth of experience translates to a core understanding that our clients comprise the most important piece of our practice. Client contact and communication is of the highest importance, and our professionals make every effort to keep our clients informed and updated. Because we function discretely and efficiently, we have many long-term and repeat clients, as evidenced by our representation of many clients for decades and the return of clients for an entirely different legal issue than they originally come to us for. Longevity, repeat service, and word-of-mouth referrals are our true measure of performance. Established in 1974, we have worked to protect the rights of our clients throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin. We have a reputation for working closely with the client to identify the issue, create innovative solutions, and implement those solutions to best meet the client’s needs.